Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Gator Camp!!
     I am thankful for the How, How, How of Camp. A few years ago, the word hard and the word good didn’t belong in the same sentence, let alone have the same meaning. God has brought me on a long journey that hasn’t been easy but brought me here to camp.
   I am thankful for the struggle. Because if everything was easy I wouldn’t appreciate it and it would have no value to me. The struggle is a blessing because without it I wouldn’t me humbled and rely on God.
    I am thankful for the challenge. The challenge drive me to keep going and never give up. The challenge is what make life feel like an adventure, the challenge is what keeps life from being mundane and stale.
    I am thankful for the accomplishment because without it life would be overwhelming. The accomplishment make the other two worth doing again and again. Without the accomplishment I would never be able to develop the healthy pride that is kept in check by humility the struggle brings.
    In closing, I am thankful for the balance and the cycle of the How, How, How. The challenge, struggle, and accomplishment. The humility, adventure, and pride. I am thankful for Gator Camp and the community here, that helps me live life and be fulfilled daily experiencing the How, the How, and the How.
Chief Kordell
Miccosukee Chief

     Starting off this article, I am thankful for many things, so many I don’t know even where to start but the first thing that I am eternally grateful for is that I have a God in Heaven that no matter what I do will always love me & forgive me of my sins. Another thing I am greatful for is my parents loving me and giving me a great life even when I don’t deserve it. I am also thankful for all the Chiefs that put their all into me especially Chief Devon & Chief Justin, them two were my first Chiefs when I came to Camp. I was coming to a new place & I had no idea what to expect, but Chief Devon & Chief Justin made it feel like camp was my second home. Chief Justin, I am definitely thankful for the 8 ½ months that he chiefed me, there was not a dull moment. He definitely poured his all into me & did his best to show the love of God to me. Chief Tony, Chief Jimmy, Chief Kevin, I appreciate you, it was probably the hardest thing to come to the Bucc group because of Chief Justin. But it was definitely the best decision and I’m thankful for you coming. Chief Andrew, I’m thankful for you hopping into the group & bringing a great attitude & spirit into the group. Another Chief I am thankful for is Chief Curtis, no matter how many problems I had with him, he still loved & cared about me. Without Chief Curtis I would probably not be the person I am today. I am thankful for that cold night on Jan. 16, 2019 that I accepted my Lord Savior into my heart. I am especially thankful for my family because even when it was hard they still loved me. That’s some of the people & things I am thankful for.
Buccaneer Group

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