Monday, May 14, 2018


At our annual Mothers Day Luncheon this year there were lots of hugs and kisses, singing and poems written by the boys for their mothers and grandmothers!

Loving Hand
She is a superhero that saves the day.
She is the voice when you’re led astray.
She is the hand that leads the way.
She is true to the heart
with you she shares a bond that shall
never be spread apart.
She is loving and kind.
She has the purest of minds.
In the thorns, she is a rose
On the trampled path, she grows.
Your feelings, she knows.
To her children she shares her special love
To the husband, she is a dove
She is not one to pick and choose
She builds me up when I lose
When there is strife
She applies her life and
Gives words of wisdom.
She is kind.
In her truth you will find.
She is great there is no debate
As sure as there is grains of sand
In her, you will find a loving hand. 

Things I Appreciate About my Mom
Something I appreciate about my mom is that she cooks really good food for me. I also really like the way that she helps me with my homework sometimes. I appreciate how she takes me and my brothers to do fun stuff. Thank you mom for all you have done for me.
Happy Mother’s Day mom!

Poem for Mother’s Day
Mother’s are lovers.
They don’t bother others.
They love to see each other.
They take care of one another.
My mother is dear to me,
As you can see.
She loves to help people in need.
And I know that she loves me.
Sometimes she wonders what to do.
And then she’ll get blue.
But I know she will always pull through.
We all know everything they say is true.
Mothers take care of us.
Even when we like to fuss.
But saying thank-you is a must.

Mother’s Day Article
Something I appreciate about my mom is that she’s always there for me and wants the best out of me. She always wants me to succeed in life. My mom has always stuck into my problems even when their hard.
A mom is a woman who can take anyone’s place but no one can take hers. A mom is the one person that you can go to when you need to talk out.
Something I want to make my mom proud of is graduating camp and high school and making her life easier.

What I Love About my Mom
I love my mom so much. She takes care of me and works really hard at home and at work. She helps sticks into my problems even if I treat her wrong sometimes. She is very graceful and gives me good warm hugs. She loves music and her dream was always to be a violist. I want to treat her better by not taking my problems out on her.

Best Mom Ever
What do I like about my mom? That my mom takes care of me and she is kind and loving. She sticks into my problems the whole way. She helps me solve them even though I am hard to live around. I love her because she cooks my favorite food. She is fun to be around, even when I’m struggling. I like her when she helps me have a good day. That’s why I love my mom.
Happy Mother’s Day mom!