Sunday, September 30, 2018

Families Day

Families Day is an important day at Camp that happens once a year. It's a fun day where parents, siblings, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles can come to camp and see what life is like for their camper. When families arrive we have a program with of course, lots of singing, followed by tours and a big family meal. The boys work hard to make sure their campsite looks good and they give the tours and explain what a day looks like for them. It gives families a chance to connect even more with their sons as they get to experience what their sons are learning at camp. It also gives them ideas for how they can incorporate the structure of camp at home.  
This year every single boy had at least one family member come out and join in the day with them. What a praise and a blessing!

Below are a couple articles that were written by campers and read for their families.


The Best Family I’ve Ever Had
Good morning everyone. My name is Weiss. I am a camper from the Miccs, the middle-aged group from Gator Camp. I am going to tell you why my family is the best family I ever had. First, my mom is the first one of the best members of my family because she is nice, loving, caring, and is a really good cook. Second, my dad is also one of the best members of my family because he helps me when things are hard for me and he is also kind and caring and he takes me fishing. My sisters are the last ones of the best members of my family because they are kind, loving and caring. That is why I have the best family I ever had.

A Families Love

A family’s love is great beyond measure.

Higher than the clouds, deeper than the ground.

A families love is tougher than steel, lighter than air.

A family’s love is cared for, although it might be tested.

Tested through young ones, who take it for granted.

Young ones who don’t know the great power of love.

A family’s love can’t be faked, for it isn’t meant to be faked but cared for, forever.

A family’s love is meant to last, growing bigger and bigger with each member, growing with each mistake being resolved.

A family’s love is full of compassion, with a mother and a father a brother and a sister,

a grandpa and a grandma,

full of deep love from deep in the heart, bound to the heavens.

Take care of a families love. 

What I Like About My Family

Something I like about my family is they care about me. I like that my dad loves me and brought me to camp. Even though I don’t always get along with my step-mom I always appreciate all that she does and how she cares for me. I appreciate how my family sticks into my problems and helps me solve them.