Monday, August 26, 2019

Camp-A-ree 2019

Camporee is an annual camp event that takes everyone to northern Florida for a few days. This August we spent three days at Lafayette Blue Sate Park. As a whole, camp staff relaxed, explored a different part of Florida, and ate some really good food. We also spend one day sharing our yummy food with all the state park staff and rangers that keep Florida's state parks so beautiful. It is our small way to say thank you for all the work they do so our boys can enjoy camping on their group trips throughout the year.

Lunch Deliver
We were walking and talking as we climb, we were walking and talking as we deliver. Ok off that topic. This morning we got up but I don’t take down tents because it’s CAMP-O-REE! Camp-O-Ree is a 3-day event at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park. Before we came to Blue Springs we paddled from Owens Spring to Manatee Springs. But anyways we ate breakfast at 8:30. After a really good breakfast we got in the green van to ride to Peacock Slough. We walked a half of a mile to deliver lunch to Mr. Fred and Ms. Ann. We also sang Seminole Wind. After we made some Godly, nice friends we had a 10 minute siesta. We arrived at Adams Tract where we waked ¾ mile to deliver lunch to the owners of Adam’s Tract. Before we knew it we arrived it was quiet, too quiet. So we looked around and nobody was around. Next we went to use the bathroom and get a drink. After that we walked to the van carrying the food with us. We finished the rest of siesta. After the rest of siesta we arrived at Lafayette Blue Springs. We went to Chief Greg’s smoker to give back the food. After we gave back the food we wrote articles. We went swimming for a little bit. After we went swimming for a little bit we had a super delicious supper. After that we walked to campsite to have pow-wow before bed. Hoya!
Gavyn  Cowboy
Talking with the Park Ranger

Camporee Day 2
Today is the second day of our all 4 group called the Camporee. We woke up from an amazing sleep and went to an 8:00 breakfast. Our breakfast consisted of egg casserole, potatoes, biscuits, gravy, and orange juice. After our breakfast we used privy, brushed our teeth and used privy again. We then gathered our lunch stuff together and hit the road to the park rangers. We first went to the Lafayette Blue Springs ranger station. We offered them….listen to this, bacon on a stick, pork chops, ribs, and grapenut ice cream homemade ice cream right then and there with cookies. Once all the stuff was handed out to them we sang to them. We then headed over to Troy Spring State Park. We sang for them and gave them food too. We transitioned from there into eating tons of ice cream and I guessed the original grandpa for Big Alligator so I could get an extra scoop. After we ate we went swimming in the spring and I immediately found the tunnel and went straight through cause you just got to send it. Once that was finished we left and got into the bus and went back to Lafayette Blue Springs to see our big camp family. Bye.
Bradley  Buccaneer

Homemade Ice Cream is the Best!
Feasting Day
This morning we woke up and took down our tents pretty fast. We packed our stuff in our first campsite. Then we ate breakfast at the pavilion and then took our stuff down to the river and packed up our canoes and hit the river at 8:40ish. After a fun 7 miles we reached Charles Springs and circled up on shore at 11:15 and got expectations for bathing in the Suwannee. After a great shower, we swam in the spring and went under tunnels. There were three springs, a small, medium, and large. The small was like 6.5 feet, the medium was about 7 feet, and the large was like 4 feet. Then we went out to the Suwannee and jumped off a big rock like 5 feet over the water. We also went to the rope swing that was 15 feet high for the campers but 25 – 30 feet high for the Chiefs.  And Chief Jon and Chief Eric came after siesta and lunch. We had honey cookies, Cheez-its, and pretzels. Then we got back on the river around 1:30 and canoed for about 2 and ½ hours and arrived at Lafayette Blue Springs. Then we set up campsite and wrote our articles. Then we are going to swim in the spring. And also eat amazing food from Chief Greg.
Mason  Miccosukee

Enjoying a swim