Friday, July 27, 2018

Pottery with Miss Tami

Every summer at Camp the boys get a special week where they learn to use their hands and create all kinds of things out of clay. Miss Tami comes down from Pennsylvania and teaches the boys everything they need to know. This year they learned how to make mugs, Christmas trees, cheese plates, and more! There were even birdhouses made! They all worked very hard to finish their projects and these pictures offer a few sneak peeks at what will be at the Turkey in the Hole auction this November!



Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Fourth of July is an exciting day at Gator Camp every year! This is the only day of the year the camp water slide is open for business. The groups have great camp spirit and our freedom is celebrated by eating good food, singing songs, and lots of fun in the water!

Today we got out to the lake at 9:45 am to go off the 4th of July slide. MJ and Landon did a lot of tricks and I completed a flying squirrel, flying Miccosukee, and a Micc flip. After we got done with our first time around, me, MJ, and Chief Matt decided to flip Miss Melissa out of her kayak. She had such good spirit that she got up and went off the water slide too. She probably shot out the farthest. Casey decided to try a flying squirrel but it ended in a belly flop and you could almost feel the pain when you heard him hit! In my attempt to have good spirit I put on three necklaces: red, white, and blue, and I put on an America hat and glasses. Me and Chief Jordan had a five star competition in the water and I won. Tonight after we eat Chief Greg and Chief Ross’s 5-star food, (which still can’t beat the cooks food) we will go to the Detwiler’s to see fireworks and eat supper. After we are done there we will set up to go down trail, to do ph, pow-wow, and go to bed at a good time so we can be setting up for tomorrow.

Article written by Christian, a camper in the Miccosukee Group