Saturday, June 30, 2018

South Carolina and Lake Jocasse

It is trip season again for the boys! When Florida starts to warm up, the groups tend to move north to escape the heat for a few weeks. The Cowboy group planned a 24 day trip to the South Carolina Foothills and Lake Jocasse! Life on the trail is a bit different from at camp, but the same principles and goals still apply. It is great to see them enjoying their time and seeing all their planning pay off.
Below are a few days of the trip as told by some of the Cowboy's...
Chattooga River
Today we woke up and took down our tents. We did devos and ate breakfast. After breakfast, we cleaned up our campsite. Then we left Mr. Gresham’s and we got back on the road. We are going to go hike the Chattooga River for 13 days. When we were hiking, we went on some bridges on the way. We also saw a tree snake on the way to campsite. We ate lunch and took siesta. After siesta, we had one more mile to hike. When we got to campsite, we set up our tents and got some firewood and now we are writing articles. We are also going to go fishing and swimming in the Chattooga River. We are going to eat supper that Chief Jimmy made. 

A Rainy Afternoon
Since I wrote my article last, we broke firewood, wrote articles, and ate supper. For supper we ate mac & sausage and pineapple tidbits. Then we brushed our teeth and played a game called look down, look up! Then we did pow-wow and bed! Hoya!
Today we had a great day! We woke up at 7:00! We took down our tents and did devotions, which were about following the bible the WHOLE way and not halfway! Then we ate breakfast. We enjoyed oatmeal, Nutri-grain bars, and chewy granola bars! Then we hiked for one mile and we reached highway 28! There was a parking lot on the South Carolina side! Mr. Chris and his kids brought us chicken nugget biscuits at our restock place! Thank you Mr. Chris! Then, after one more mile, Chief Jud was 4 feet away from an EASTERN RATTLE SNAKE! Chief Ross killed it! We cut off its head and rattle. We chucked the head and body. But we kept the rattle just in case a bear comes! Proven fact, bears are scared of rattlesnakes! Then we ate lunch! For lunch, we enjoyed cheese crackers, jerky, and Nutty bars! Then we took a 22-minute siesta because there was a thunderstorm coming! Chief Jimmy and I took off leaving the group in the dust! We needed to set up the walrus tarp! We had a great day!

The Fishy Day
We woke up and took down our tents. Then we ate a breakfast of grits, pineapples, and Slim Jims. Last evening we caught a brook trout and a rainbow trout and we ate them. We also saw a crawdad and let it pinch our fingers. Jimmy let it pinch his ears and Stephen let it pinch his armpit. Back to today, we hiked up to the Walhalla Fish Hatchery towards Ellicott Rock. It was a 2 miles hike. When we got there, we saw rainbow, brook, and brown trout. We saw big fish up to 26 inches! We also saw trout minnows and learned the life circle of trout. Then we ate a lunch of Slim Jims, pineapples, and ate N & J rolls and we took siesta at the pavilion. Then we went fishing and me and Chief Jud caught a little rainbow trout. We also found a fish head and some line. At supper yesterday, we saw an ant fighting a beetle. When we saw the crawdad, Shawn saw it first and thought it was a scorpion. Back to today, we got back to campsite and wrote articles. Then we will swim, eat super, swim more, and settle down and go to pow-wow and bed. Hoya!

The Cowboy Group and their Chiefs