Monday, August 6, 2018

Fishing Tournament

Gator Camp held its annual fishing tournament recently. The boys at camp love fishing and as many of you experienced fisherman know, it takes a bit of strategy to catch a fish.  You need the right equipment, knowledge, a significant amount of patience, but maybe most important, passion.
In Matthew, we read when Jesus called his disciples and how called them to be fishers of men. He called us to that too when he told us to go make disciples. We are called to action. Avid fishermen don't just wait around for the fish to find them, they find the fish and bring them in. 
It is important we don't lose sight of who we are really called to find -  the hurting, the outcast, and the lost and share the beautiful news of our Savior.
Thank you for the prayers and continued support as we serve here at Camp with these boys.
The winning group was the Miccosukee group with 59 points. The grand prize was $50.00 to share as a group in Trading Post.

Our GWCWC officials
(Gator Wilderness Camp Wildlife Conservation)