Friday, April 6, 2018


Easter Weekend is always a fun time around camp. It is also a time where the boys ask more questions and are doing more searching as to why this weekend is so special. Each year we have a Good Friday service with the boys. Each group made a cross and displayed it at the service. This year each group used a different kind of wood for their cross. A perfect example of three very different groups coming together to be united in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The boys talked about the crucifixion and one by one campers and staff wrote down sins in their lives. We nailed those sins to the cross. But thankfully, we know they don't stay there, because our Lord didn't stay dead.

On Sunday morning the boys are up bright and early and we have a sunrise service full of yummy pastries, good singing and the gospel message. At the sunrise service we burned the papers that were on the cross. They are gone now. When Jesus died and rose again three days later, he took our sins and he erased them. The boys heard that we serve a living God and he defeated death once and for all. He defeated death for them, for us, and for you.

The boys then get to participate in a camp wide scavenger hunt.

Brunch was served at the Pavilion to a very hungry crowd after all that running around camp.

Please pray with us that we can guide these young men to the cross and continue to help them as questions come up.