Sunday, May 26, 2019

Celebrating Our Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all our dear Mothers!

We had our annual Mother's Day Luncheon, a special day that our boys get to honor the moms in their lives. It's a fun day with flowers, cheesecake, and sometimes, a few tears.

Our boys spend the day on their best behavior and loved on all their Mamas, Aunts, and Grandmas. It is always a special day, especially for our moms who get to see their boys show off a bit by singing and playing instruments.

Below are a mix of pictures and articles that the boys wrote for their Mothers.


"Who has the best mom? For sure I do but that’s my opinion. My mom has stuck in with me for most of my problems. She never gave up which is why I love her. I’m very appreciative that my mom sent me to camp or else I don’t know what I’d do for Mother’s Day. On Mother’s day a boy should love, respect, and care for their moms. For the past couple years I’ve been locking myself in my room and not caring at all for my mom. Today that changes. Every mother’s day I will love and care for mom and treat everyday like it is mother’s day. I love you mom and something I appreciate about you is just everything. I love you. I appreciate you teaching me to fold my laundry and teaching me how to make my bed and how to do the dishes and I love you. Thank you for being my mom. Oh, by the way I love you mom".

Aidan D. - Buccaneers

"Lots of 11 year olds have good moms, but mine is the best. My mom is very good at being creative, especially while she’s cooking. I love the cauliflower pizza. Its delicious. She’s also very adventurous. One time we were checking out a summer camp with a very tall zip line. It looked scary but she helped me do it by coming right behind me. I love her and glad she’s my mom. She is a great one".
Hunter - Cowboy

A Mother’s Loving Hand
I love her when she’s happy
Or when she takes a stand
Because these are things
That proves my mother’s loving hand
I’d love her if she was gone
Or way across the land
Because I’d always feel the presence
Of my mother’s loving hand
I love how I am now
Formed by the great “I am”
And the man that’s inside of me was made
By my mother’s loving hand
As I walk this road called life
Through this desert sand
I’ll make it to the end
With help of my mother’s loving hand
Now with mother’s day this year
I’ll give her something back and
I’ll treat her the way she treated me
With her loving hand.
Matthew G.- Buccaneer



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