Monday, April 22, 2019

Cowboys on the Suwannee

The Cowboys embarked on a courageous adventure this month. A 21 day trip down the Suwannee River! Here are a few article written by these brave men describing the first few days on the trip!

First Day on the Suwannee
It is our first day on the Suwannee River! We woke up at 4:00, quick did our morning chores, and then left camp at 5:00. It was a 6-hour drive from Florida to Georgia. It was tiring but we made it. When we started out in Fargo, the first creature of the trip was a baby crawfish! It was cute. A few hours later, we stopped for lunch and saw a CRAZY inch worm. It was super gnarly. After that, we continued to paddle and then saw a 4-5 foot alligator. Then we found a really nice campsite, in which it had pine trees on it. It’s a little muddy in the shore but other than that, it’s pretty nice.

I Woke Up this Morning
We got up to a very chilly morning before we ate a really yummy breakfast with some warm hot chocolate to go with it. Next we got on the river and sang some good high spirited songs. After that we had a fun game of splashing each other with our paddles and I soaked Chief Matt. After that we got to our campsite and set it up. Chief Matt made awesome stairs with sand on a hill in our campsite. Next we swam and went to pow-wow and bed. Hoya!

Putrid Smell
This morning we woke up to the sounds of the Big Shoals. After we woke up we took down our tents. We did devos and ate a good breakfast. After we ate breakfast, we loaded out canoes, then started our daily routine. After we paddled 5 or 6 miles till we got to the worst smelling spring I’ve ever smelled. We swam in the spring and found out it was a sulfur spring which was known for healing. It is a sacred Indian healing spot.


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